Ampe Rlterrke Amangkeme – Child Health and Development Centre

Ampe Rlterrke Amangkeme is an early childhood health and development centre for Aboriginal children from non-working families living in Alice Springs, aged 6 months to 3.5 years old.  

The program offers bi-cultural play based activities with a both traditional and cultural education, and is based on the Abecedarian Approach Australia (3a). 3a focuses on:

  • Language Priority
  • Conversational Reading
  • Enriched Caregiving, and,
  • Learning Games.

This is a child-focused program that promotes positive outcomes for children. Each child receives an intensive one-on-one individual program which is milestone based and health assessment driven.

Upon completion of their program, children can attend Congress’ Preschool Readiness Program or other external Preschools.

The centre offers a pick up & drop off service for children, in addition to cooked meals during the day.

Children require a referral to attend the Child Health & Development Centre from Congress or external service providers.

Call us on 1800 142 900 or (08) 7999 6470

Child Health & Development Centre
13 Kekwick Ave
Braitling, NT 0870