Key dates

All research with Congress requires approval from the Board of each relevant health service. In addition, Central Australian Human Research Ethics Committee (CAHREC) approval is required for all research conducted with Congress.  Ethics and health service approval can be submitted simultaneously.

The Congress Board (town) meet 6 times a year. The  Amoonguna, Mpwelarre, Mutitjulu, Western Aranda Health Aboriginal Corporation (WAHAC) and Utju Boards meet 4 times a year.

All research must first be reviewed by the Research Subcommittee with recommendations to the relevant Board. Always ensure adequate time for approval is factored in to the research timeline as it will take between 3 and 12 months to seek approval depending on which Boards you are applying to and the timing of your application. 

To note:

  • the following dates are subject to change at short notice.
  • primary health care at Ntaria is provided by both WAHAC and NT Health, therefore, approval to conduct research must also be obtained from NT Health.
2024 Key dates for Congress (town) review and approval: 
Research Application Submission Deadline Research Subcommittee Meeting Date Congress Board Meeting Date
Monday, 29 January
Thursday, 22 February
Thursday, 29 February
Monday, 4 March
Thursday, 4 April
Thursday, 11 April
Monday, 20 May
Thursday, 20 June
Thursday, 27 June
Monday, 15 July
Thursday, 15 August
Thursday, 22 August
Monday, 9 September
Thursday, 10 October
Thursday, 17 October
Monday, 21 October
Thursday, 21 November
Wednesday 27 November
NB: dates subject to change

2024 Remote boards meeting schedule

Applicatiopns must be lodged one month prior to the meeting dates to be considered. 




Wednesday, 3 April

Wednesday, 24 July


Thursday, 14 March

Thursday, 5 September


Thursday, 18 April

Thursday, 24 October


Tuesday, 16 May

Wednesday, 28 August


Thursday, 21 March

Wednesday, 25 September


Wednesday, 7 Feb

Tuesday, 5 March

Thursday, 11 July

Thursday, 12 September


Wednesday, 31 January

Thursday, 15 February

Thursday, 1 August

Thursday, 19 September


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