The Board

Congress Board of Directors are appointed by Congress members to govern the corporation. They have authority over the corporation and are ultimately accountable for it.

The Congress Board of Directors consists of eight (8) members elected by the community and an additional three specialist non-member directors appointed by the board.

Elected Member Directors

  • Ebony Abbott McCormack, Chairperson
  • Greg Drew, Deputy Chairperson
  • Graham Dowling
  • Dorethea Randall (Remote)
  • Janaya Kopp (Youth)
  • Tristrum Watkins
  • Tanya Luckey
  • Roseanne Ellis  (Remote) 

Independent non-member directors

  • Prof Peter O’Mara – Independent Director, Primary Health Care
  • Leanne Milligan – Independent Director, Finance
  • Leon Chapman – Independent Director, General

Company Officers

  • Donna Ah Chee – Congress CEO
  • Jeremy Morse – Company Secretary

2024 Board Meeting Dates

  • 29 February
  • 11 April
  • 27 June
  • 22 August
  • 17 October
  • 27 November

The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held on 28 November.

Further Information

View Board Communiques here

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