Vaccines Q+A

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has approved several vaccines for use in Australia. 

The TGA independently checks all the vaccine trial results and, after ordering an approved vaccine, also does random checks of vaccine batches to make sure that the ingredients are ok.

There is no evidence to show that COVID-19 vaccines are less safe for Aboriginal people than for non-Aboriginal people.

You can get Pfizer, Moderna or Novavax vaccines from Congress. 

Note: Novavax and Moderna are only available at Gap Clinic on Fridays.


No, it’s voluntary.

Getting vaccinated is a very important step in stopping the pandemic and the more people that are vaccinated the safer we all will be.

We hope that everyone gets vaccinated as soon as they are able to.

This is what we have been working towards since the start of the pandemic. It will help us beat the virus.

You may feel a little bit unwell after having the vaccine, but do not worry.

Most side effects last no more than a couple of days and you will recover without any problems.

There are also no problems with the vaccines interacting with other medications you may be taking.

There is a very small risk, as with all vaccinations, of having an allergic reaction. Safety measures are always taken so that such reactions can be treated immediately.

Get vaccinated! Call 1800 142 900 or walk into your usual Congress clinic. 

If you are worried, you can talk with a Doctor, Nurse or AHP about your concerns.