Congress Arrulenye

On 9 June 2023, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress is celebrating 50 years since its beginning in 1973.

In the lead up to this very important milestone, Congress has been exploring the many significant achievements, moments and people that have been a part of this 50 years, through Congress Arrulenye (Congress from a long time ago).

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Check out our interactive digital cultural archive that allows people to browse or search a large collection of photos, documents and other media from Congress’ rich history, while providing controls to protect and prioritise cultural safety and integrity. 

Through this digital portal, you can delve into the archives of Congress, gaining insights into its growth over the past 50 years.

The extensive collection of media materials serves as a valuable resource, offering glimpses into significant events, influential figures, and the overall story about has shaped Congress into what it is today. 


Check out Congress’ interactive digital timeline, an application that allows users to travel embark on a journey through Congress’ history and view organisational and community milestones alongside major changes in the national socio-political landscape. 

By immersing themselves in the digital timeline, users can navigate through different eras, discovering key events, transformative initiatives and noteworthy achievements that have shaped Congress over time. 

This interactive experience provides a comprehensive understanding of Congress’ growth, evolution and profound impact on the Aboriginal community and beyond.


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