St Jospeh’s Flexible Learning Centre lead local Gaelic football match

Strong leadership skills from the students of St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre were put to use recently with the group of young students organising a game of Gaelic Football against an “Alice Irish” invitational team. 

The students organised the match as the culmination of a six weeks of leadership and development delivered by Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program coordinators, Ian McAdam and Darren Talbot. The Right Tracks program, delivered by Central Australian Aboriginal Congress in partnership with the Central Australian Football League and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, champions sport as a way to engage young people and work with them to develop their capacity and become positive role models in their community. 

The students built the event from the ground up, researching the rules for the foreign football code, then training for and facilitating the match with the Alice Springs Town Council, the Central Australian Rugby Union and the local Irish community. 

The friendly game was played in good spirits given a few of the players were still getting familiar with the rules. It was close throughout, the St Joseph’s team leading early on in the game but the Irish team finishing strongly to win the inaugural event. 

Right Tracks Program Coordinator Darren Talbot said: “Good plans shape good decisions. We worked with the fellas on how to plan an event, starting from the grassroots and working through the challenges together. 

“The leadership shown by the students was key to them putting on the event, which was a complete success. Good planning makes outcomes that seem unachievable totally within reach.” 

Captain of the Alice Irish Richard Farrell said “It was a great event, always good to see the Irish community (and a few ring ins) participate in and contribute to community events. Well done to the St Joseph lads for organising and playing a great game against us and thanks to Gaelic football referee Brendan Roe. Let’s do it again soon!” 

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