Congress objects to more poker machines for Alice Springs

Applications have been made for the licensing of additional electronic gaming machines (poker machines) in Mparntwe. This is bad news. Poker machines cause harm. They are designed to make a profit for the big company that owns them, and not for the person using the machine.  

As a strong advocate for Aboriginal health, Congress objects to the applications for these reasons:

  1. Alice Springs already has too many poker machines – 3 times the national average per adult! 
  2. Problem gambling is a bigger problem in Alice Springs than the rest of the NT.
  3. Gambling already causes too many problems for families here in Alice Springs who already have a lot of other worries. 
  4. People in the NT are much less likely to get help for their gambling problems. 
  5. There wasn’t enough talk to community about this before it happened.
  6. There is a strong link between the number of poker machines in a place and domestic violence. No one wants more violence or crime. 

You can read more about these reasons in our full letter of objection

Want to send a message about this? Your voice is important and you can take action. 

Objections can come from anyone, including you!

  • Objections against the application for Uncle’s Tavern close 16 August 2022
  • Objections against the application for the Mercure close 29 August 2022
You can email your objections to the Director of Gaming Machines. You should tell the Director why you disagree with the applications. You should add your own story if it is important to you.