The 2018 Congress AGM is scheduled for Thursday 29 November 2018 at 10.00am at 32 Priest Street, Alice Springs.

Lunch will be provided for attending members


• Welcome, attendees and apologies

• Minutes of the 2017 AGM

• Corporation’s Annual Report

• Questions from members

• Appointment of auditor

• Special resolution (Rule Book)

• Resolutions (Directors deed, insurance, devices and remuneration)

• General Business

Members can obtain a copy of the complete agenda and supporting documents

by request in person at 14 Leichhardt Tce, Alice Springs, by calling the Company

Secretary on 08 8959 4713 or emailing

The proposed Rule Book amendments can be viewed here.

Additionally, Congress’ Strategic Plan 2019–2023 will be available for members at the AGM. You can preview the document here.