Indigenous Marathon Foundation & Congress team up for Warrior Run

On Tuesday evening, Congress Health Promotion and Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program partnered with the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) to host a Warrior Run fun run/walk event for the Alice Springs community.

Warrior run events are about bringing people of all ages and ability together to run in celebration of the great men in our lives. It is an opportunity to pay tribute to and acknowledge all the strong men in our families and communities, and to recognise the role our father, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, and men in the wider sphere play throughout our lives, in a strong and positive way.

Culturally, men have been seen as the strong protector and provider – the warrior. However, in recent times, especially in some Aboriginal families and communities, the role, respect and value of men has been eroded and are losing some of their hierarchy, self-respect and significance.

This must change – and the Warrior Run celebrates and highlights the strong, proud and courageous men in our lives.

Despite the 40+ degree heat, the event was a total success, with over 200 ‘warriors’ attending to run or walk the 2km track and show their support for the message while celebrating a healthy lifestyle. This included members from the wider Alice Springs community, including Aboriginal families, athletic runners, footy clubs and families, young people and children. 

Congress/Right Tracks’ Sarah Carmody was central to the success of the event, working hard to spread word throughout the community – and running the event seamlessly with help from the deadly Congress Health Promotions team. Sarah also shared important messages about health and wellbeing, and the importance of acknowledging the males in our lives.

IMF ambassador Charlie Maher gave a very moving speech prior to the run’s start, speaking honestly from the heart about his own experiences with mental health – important messages for everyone, but especially the young men in the audience. 

The Warrior Run event marks a very positive start to another busy and productive 2019 for Congress. 

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