Geraldine Ashby, Santa Teresa Congress Clinic Manager, has been awarded the Individual Administrator’s Medal in Primary Health Care.

Geraldine was recognised for her role in a remote location during the biosecurity lockdown, and her long history of passionate delivery of service to community as an Aboriginal Registered Nurse.

Her nomination noted her stamina and perseverance in maintaining a high standard of service, her excellent clinical and ethical judgement, her creation of a team orientated atmosphere and her support and encouragement for Aboriginal community members to join the workforce at the clinic.

The nomination also recognised Geraldine’s focus on child health and on health education of the younger members of the community, arranging and encouraging information sharing sessions with school students and youth groups, and establishing women’s days at the clinic.

Congratulations to Purple House and Akeyulerre for also winning medals.

Geraldine (right) pictured with Honourable Vicki O’Halloran AO, Administrator of the Northern Territory, and other winners at the official awards ceremony at Government House, Darwin, 17th November 2020.

Words and image from Northern Territory Public Health Network.