We know that sometimes things don’t go as expected. You have a right to tell us when things go wrong, and we want to know what’s happening so we can help.

But, if you don’t provide feedback using right channels, we probably won’t be able to help. Here are some tips on making your feedback count:

Give us feedback the right way

Use the proper ways Congress has in place to give feedback. Using these channels means that they are documented and must go through a process of investigation. You can give feedback:

  • Using the online form at caac.org.au/feedback-form
  • By filling in a form and put it in the secure feedback box at any Congress sites (and we can help you if you need)
  • By calling our Quality team on (08) 7928 8131 or 0490 679 012
  • In person. You can ask for a manager and tell them what’s gone on.
Give us the right information

This means telling your story with as much detail as you can, including:

  • Who was involved. It is very important that you provide your details so we can investigate properly and let you know about the outcome. If you don’t provide your name and how to contact you, we may not be able to do anything with your feedback.  

You should also tell us: 

  • What happened
  • Where this took place
  • When it took place, and
  • Why you are giving feedback
  • How things could be improved

Sharing what’s happened publicly, for example on Facebook or other social media, is not the right way to provide feedback if you want us to be able to investigate your feedback, take action and improve your health care services. 

If you believe you’ve been treated unfairly or your feedback hasn’t been taken seriously, you should call the Quality team on 7928 81 31. 

Unfounded negative comments made publicly through social media or other ways may be considered slander or defamation and are bad for Congress and Congress clients. Comments that are considered to be untrue/unfounded and serious will be responded to through legal channels. 

Gap Clinic is no longer opening on Sundays or Public Holidays

The Mparntwe Urgent Care Clinic is open every day for any person with an urgent but not life-threatening illness and injury. Walk ins only.

 Visit the UCC website for more information.

In an emergency, always call 000.