COVID-19 is coming. Will you be ready?

Do you want to protect yourself your family and your community from getting very sick, going to hospital, and even dying from COVID sickness?

Get that COVID vaccination needle. If we all get the needle, we will be safe when COVID comes.

This Pfizer vaccine won’t kill our mob, but COVID sickness will.

Call 1800 570 688 or go to Gap Clinic. Remote mob, ask at the clinic.

The Pfizer vaccine is available for all Congress clients aged over 5 years from:

  • All Congress Clinics - morning drop ins or by appointment
  • Congress Vaccine Clinic - afternoon appointments or drop-ins. Call 1800 570 688 to book.
  • Outreach through the vaccine intensive program

Why should I get the vaccine?

We want life to go back to normal. Vaccines are the only way that we can live with this virus without lots of people getting sick and dying.

Without it we will have lockdowns, border closures, not travel, government regulations about checking in – all that. We might get more lockdowns and that means no travelling for funerals or ceremonies.

If the virus comes here and our vaccination numbers aren't high enough, then our hospital system will not be able to help everyone who needs it. 

Why should I trust the vaccine?

Lots of people - millions around the world, including Aboriginal people, have had the Pfizer vaccine and we know that it is safe and effective against COVID-19. Australia has had no deaths as a result of the Pfizer vaccine. 

This pandemic is so urgent and dangerous for people across the world that many researchers and developers prioritised only COVID-19 vaccines. This has allowed countries to deliver safe and effective vaccines faster than has been done in the past.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has worked with pharmaceutical companies about their vaccines so is getting information about the outcomes as they happen. This speeds up the review process.

The fight against COVID-19 is a global priority, so more money than ever before has been put towards creating, testing and making the vaccines. 

New technologies have helped scientists understand the coronavirus earlier and very well. This has allowed them to start working on vaccine design faster. 

But what about what I have heard from TikTok and other social media?

Congress has looked after the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people in Central Australia for almost 50 years. You should trust the advice that Congress health workers provide. 

Would you go to TikTok or unqualified people for help if you had a heart attack or broke your leg? 

No. We wouldn't either.

Remember, you need to have two doses of the vaccine, three weeks apart. We will tell you when you need to come back or the second dose.