Congress Link Up Service

The Congress Link Up Service supports Aboriginal people and families living in Central Australia who have been separated from their families through forced removal, fostering, adoption or institutionalisation.

Our services include:

• Family history research and reunion

• Family tracing

• Graveside reunions

• Social and emotional support before, during and after a reunion

• Return to Country reunions

• Healing activities, including healing camps, support groups and counselling.

What we don’t do

• Financial compensation

• Native Title, Land Rights

• Genealogy assistance

• Locating missing persons

• Relocation

• Erection of monuments

• Funeral expenses

• Exhumations


Clients must complete a registration form to be assessed for eligibility to the Congress Link Up Service.


If you represent a referral agency, please call to request a referral form.


Client privacy is very important to Congress. We will only share client information with others if clients give permission, or if we need to protect clients safety or the safety of others.

Transport and appointments

We can assist clients with transport to access the service.

Call the Congress Link Up Service on 7928 8888 to make an appointment.

Clients can attend the office, or Link Up staff can visit at home, or whatever works best for clients. Family members and other supports are welcome to attend.