Our Vision

Congress’ vision is: ‘All Central Australian residents enjoy the same level of health’.

The aspirations of Congress are:

  • We are a leader in the provision of Primary Health Care for Aboriginal people in Australia. We look forward, but remember where we have come from.
  • We improve the health of our community by providing high quality comprehensive primary health care.
  • We provide the highest quality services to our community through all that we do.
  • We build the capacity and capability of the people in our organisation. By doing so, we strengthen the capacity of Congress.
  • We remain committed as a community controlled organisation.
  • We provide employment and professional development opportunities for Aboriginal people at Congress.
  • We listen to, and respond to, the needs and wishes of our community.
  • We have stable and sustainable funding.
  • We ensure the services offered by Congress consistent with community needs.
  • We advocate and partner with the broader community to identify and address the causes of poor health such as education, employment and housing.

Further Information

Download our Strategic Plan: 2015-2018 here

Congress has just commenced consultation for the next Strategic Plan, and will be announcing membership consultation dates soon. If you would like to be able to have input into Congress' strategic direction, you can apply to become a member of Congress.