Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks program

The Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program (Right Tracks) takes leadership and role modelling to young people on the field.

The team uses sport to engage young people where they are, with what they love. Right Tracks empowers young people to become leaders in their community, and promotes putting your education, wellbeing, family and community first.

About the Program

Right Tracks support sports clubs to provide a positive, function, inclusive and sustainable environment for their members. Recognising the huge role that sport plays in the development of healthy individuals and communities and Right Tracks aims to strengthen the link between sport and community health outcomes.

Partnering with existing and new sporting clubs the Right Tracks program includes:

  • Health Education
  • Leadership
  • High Performance Program
  • Club Development
  • Employment Support
  • Goodsports Program
  • Health Checks
  • Coach Development
  • Skills Development

The Right Tracks program works because it utilises and builds upon the sense of identity, belongingness, purpose and inspiration that comes from association with sporting clubs. Sport is a powerful environment to connect children, men and women with vital information, skills and strategies to push for inclusive, equitable, healthy and safe sporting spaces for everyone.

Positive thinking, goal setting and resilience to challenges is incorporated throughout all Right Tracks activities and particularly in sport training. Sporting clubs play a big role in supporting vulnerable members of the community through ongoing social and emotional challenges, including mental health, suicide and domestic violence and Right Tracks acknowledges that clubs are not just places to play sport. They can be like a second family – providing identity social support, networks and role models.

To further support local sports clubs, they are entitled to up to $500 of sporting gear from Intersport Alice Springs once their members have completed health checks. Right Tracks staff are knowledgeable, committed and respected community members. The Right Tracks program is designed and led by locals, for locals. Health is viewed holistically and social determinants of health are tackled.

Rusted Gems

In 2021 Rusted Gems was started in collaboration with Red CentreNATS as an alternative way for the Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program to engage more people in the program, as not everyone is interested in sport.
The Clontarf Academy at Yirara College and the Papunya community entered the Red CentreNATS in 2021. Originally the Yirara lads aimed to restore the Cuz Congress’ S Series Valiant, but unfortunately it wasn’t viable at that time. The Alice Springs Town Council got on board and kindly donated an abandoned Ford BA XR6.
In 2022 the Alice Springs Town Council donated another vehicle for the Rusted Gems Program – a VE Commodore for Yipirinya School. Five secondary students project managed the whole restoration, encompassing project management and skills development, opening the door for future employment and training opportunities.
Excitingly the VE Commodore (with exhaust donated by Sprint Mufflers) won the Judges Choice Award after it was on display at the Welcome to Country ceremony, took part in the Street Parade and the lads spent some time talking about the project of which they were very proud. 
Yipirinya senior students with Alice Springs Mayor
The Rusted Gems program also works closely with Charles Darwin University so participants are able to gain training and qualifications leading to employment opportunities.
The Clontarf Academy students at Yirara College students have progressed the restoration of Cuz Congress’ car – the 1960’s S Series Valiant, with it on track to be ready for Congress’ 50th birthday in 2023, and the 2023 Red CentreNATS.
The Cuz Congress Valiant


Ian McAdam
Phone: 0409 404 551

Rob Clarke
Phone: 0407 890 317

The Redtails Pinktails Right Tracks Program is a partnership between Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, and Central Australian Football Club (CAFL).


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