Navajo Nation COVID-19 Vaccination Progress

Great news from our Navajo brothers and sisters, who have been impacted terribly by this pandemic. Many have been sick and lives have been lost, including very special old people, keepers of knowledge and culture.

We have a bit in common with the indigenous people over in the Navajo Nations. Many of struggles we have endured, they have endured. Lots of the issues we face, including health issues, they do too. They also value community, family and culture like our mob.

They have been rolling out vaccinations since around Christmas time, and now almost half the people in their communities have received at least the first dose of vaccination. 28,961 Navajo people are fully immunised against COVID-19, with no big problems reported. That’s way more than the USA’s national average of 12.8%. (Sourced:…)

This has impacted their COVID case numbers already, with reductions in case numbers occurring consistently and no recent deaths. (Sourced:…)

If you want to read about the vaccine and Indigenous people having the vaccine, the Navajo Health facebook page and website have great information. Access it here: https://www.ndoh.navajo-nsn.go..


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