Digitising History

We all know it’s hard to keep up with technology, and the Congress Arrurlenge (History Project) team have been faced with some historical records not being accessible due to obsolete technology.

They couldn’t even see what was on these old tapes, but thanks to CAAMA Alice Springs these have been transferred digital files.

Now that we can see these old films again, we know they show Aboriginal Health Workers in training in Alice Springs in the 1970s and interviews with important people.

In 2005 the National Sound and Film Archive (NSFA) also digitised some Congress historical items and identified three records as being of national significance. They kept copies of these in their collection, which shows how the history of Congress is also important history for the whole of Australia.

A big part of the Congress Arrurlenge is also making a place on the internet where families and community can see these important stories and history.