Current town clinic closures

Nation-wide health care worker shortages continue to impact Congress clinics.

 To ensure safe and efficient services are available for all clients, 

  • Sadadeen clinic is temporarily closed until Monday 13 February 2023
  • Northside clinic is temporarily closed until the end of April

This arrangement will be reviewed at that time and changed or continued at necessary. 

Remaining town clinics are open every weekday. (Gap Clinic also open weekend hours)

All services are available for Sadadeen and Northside clients through other town clinics during this period and transport is available as needed.

To make an appointment or organise transport, please call 1800 142 900 (select the next closest clinic to you). or call the preferred clinic directly:

  • Gap Clinic         8951 4400
  • Larapinta:         7999 6450
  • Ingkintja:          8958 4567
  • Alukura:            7928 8400

Walk-ins may be available at other clinics, but calling first will help manage waiting times.

Medications are available everyday from Gap Clinic Pharmacy. To order medications phone 8958 4578 or email

We apologise for the disruption to services but look forward to providing care for you now and in the future.