18th Jan 2013

Hospital Laundry throws in the towel to help Ingkintja

Hospital donates much-needed towels to Ingkintja Male Health Centre.

It’s fresh news for Ingkintja this week, with the Alice Springs Hospital Laundry donating 55 towels to the male health centre.

Laundry Manager Troy Wilson was thrilled to be able to send the towels to a good home, given that they are usually sold to local mechanics for rags.

“I’m really happy that these towels are going to a service like Ingkintja,” he said.

The drop-in centre at Ingkintja is a busy place, with, on average, more than 4,000 males making more than 5,700 visits each year.

For many of the men accessing this service, it may be the only place where they can go to shower, use the bathrooms, have a shave and wash their clothes in a safe, non-confrontational environment.

“We’re really thankful to the Hospital for making this donation to Ingkintja,” Acting Branch Manager Max Yffer said today. “It’s going to be a huge benefit to our clients.”

Ingkintja was also very thankful to receive a fresh-smelling package recently. A donation of mini-toiletries was made by a representative of St Vincent’s Health Australia.

If you have any unused toiletries, e.g. small soaps, body wash, shampoo from hotels, Ingkintja would be more than happy to receive them.

Ingkintja Male Health is located at 19 Gap Road, Alice Springs and is a male-only health centre.