Job App FAQ

This section will cover some questions to assist you with applying for a job with Congress.

Q1 How does the selection process work?

All applicants will be notified when their application has been received. Immediately following the closing date for each position, the interview panel grades all applications and then a short-list is drawn up. Short-listed applicants are then notified of interview times. Interviews are conducted, and a decision is made which must then be approved by senior management. Both the successful and unsuccessful applicants are notified of the decision. The selection process may take up to four weeks to complete from the closing date. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified when the selection process is completed.

Q2 What should I include in my Covering Letter?

Your covering letter should be a short (one page) letter introducing yourself, which also states the position you are applying for, and includes a brief summary of your interest and experience relevant to the job.

Q3 Am I required to respond to the Selection Criteria?

Yes; when you are applying for a current advertised position, you must address the selection criteria. The selection panel will rate you on each of your responses, and from this, will determine if you are eligible for an interview. Read each criterion carefully, and respond accordingly. How do I respond to the selection criteria? The selection panel is interested in your demonstrated qualities and/or experience and your responses should include: Task: What you have done Performance: How well you did it Effectiveness: What the successful outcome was Will my application be accepted even if I don’t address the selection criteria? No; applications that do not address the Selection Criteria will not be considered in the selection process.

Q4 What should I include in my Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

You should list your; contact and relevant personal details, current and/or history of employment education and training qualifications, employment referees, and any other information relevant to the position.

Q5 What Referees should I supply?

Please provide the names and contact details of three recent work referees who can verify your claims in relation to the selection criteria and employment.

Q6 Does Congress assist with moving expenses?

After six months employment, a proportion of relocation costs will be reimbursed to the employee in line with our Relocation Reimbursement Policy.

Q7 Can I apply online?

Yes, you can - please make sure all your files are attached as per the checklist provided below.

Q8 Do you have an application check list of what is required?

Before sending in your application please make sure you have the following completed for submission:

  • Covering letter
  • Response to Selection Criteria
  • Three (3) employment referees with current telephone numbers
  • Resume or CV 

Q9 What will happen with my application if I am unsuccessful in winning a position?

Any applications or expression of interest lodged with Congress will remain current on file for a maximum of 12 months. Resumes on file are referred to from time to time as positions arise within Congress, and you may be contacted if another job matches your skills, experience and/or qualifications. Resumes will be destroyed in a confidential manner after 12 months. If you do not wish for your Resume to remain on file for the 12 month period, please notify the Recruitment Officer in writing.

Q10 Who should I contact for more information?

If you have any questions regarding your application or a vacant position contact the Human Resources Division on 08 8959 4771 or email:

Q11 How can I lodge my Application?


Human Resource Division
Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Aboriginal Corporation
PO Box 1604, Alice Springs NT 0871

In Person:

Human Resources Division
14 Leichhardt Terrace, Alice Springs NT 0870

By Email:

By Fax:

Fax: 08 8959 4765

If you are faxing your application please ensure that the size of the print/font used in your application is big enough (12 point) so that any copies made can be clearly read by the selection panel.

Contact Human Resources

Location: Head Office, 14 Leichhardt Terrace, Alice Springs NT 0870 
Telephone: 08 8959 4771