Vaccines for children (5-11 years old)

Children aged between 5 and 11 can now be vaccinated against COVID-19 at Congress. 

Kids need two needles just like adults, but the dose is less and they are given 8 weeks apart.

All kids will get the Pfizer vaccine. It is safe and effective. 

Why should I vaccinate my kids against COVID-19?

  1. Even though most kids who get COVID only get a little bit sick, it can still be serious illness for some children, with possible long-term effects. 
  2. Sometimes people can have COVID-19 and not seem sick at all. This means you won’t know that that they are infected and can easily share COVID-19 as it spreads so easily. Vaccinating kids will stop them from spreading COVID to others – keeping our family, friends and, especially our elders, safe. 
  3. Vaccination also helps keep the whole community running normally meaning kids can go to school and we can still visit family. 
  4. COVID can be nasty for some kids, so they should be protected for their own sake. 
  5. The more people who are vaccinated against COVID-19, the better protected we all are from this deadly serious virus. 

How do I get my kids vaccinated?

To book a vaccination call 1800 570 688 or go to any Congress clinic. 

Want more information?

Ask your doctor, Aboriginal Health Practitioner or at your clinic. 

For technical information go to the Australian Government Department of Health website.