Our Role As An Advocate

Since colonisation, Aboriginal people have suffered from extreme poor health.

Australia’s federal, state and local governments have attempted to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal people but the major problem has been a failure to implement key strategic documents including the National Aboriginal Health Strategy.

There has not been sufficient resources or the necessary partnerships between governments and the Aboriginal community sector to make the necessary changes.

As a consequence, in spite of some significant health gains, the life expectancy and overall health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people compared with non-Aboriginal people, remains unacceptable for a wealthy, first world nation.

The social gradient that is evident in early childhood and educational outcomes, housing, income and employment, access to justice and empowerment are directly linked to the continuing poor health outcomes for Aboriginal people in Central Australia.

For more than 40 years, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress has provided primary helath care services including advocacy for Aboriginal people in the struggle for justice and equity.

This section of our website provides information regarding Congress’ submissions to governments, publications and resources developed by Congress based on its expertise in the delivery of Aboriginal primary health care services, and details regarding Congress involvement in vital research working towards improving health outcomes for Aboriginal people.

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