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Alukura is located at Percy Court, south of town.

Alukura Women’s Health Service

Alukura is a women’s only place providing Aboriginal women’s health & maternity care. It is situated in a purpose-built facility on the outskirts of Alice Springs, in a safe, women-friendly environment. 

Congress Alukura is a women’s health and maternal and child health care centre developed in the 1980’s to address the concerns of Aboriginal women in Central Australia.

Services include the provision of culturally appropriate antenatal, postnatal and women’s health care through our Maternity Service and Women’s Health Clinic.

We provide sexual health education to young women aged 10 to 20 through group sessions in schools, youth organisations, town camps, remote communities and at Alukura. We can also provide individual sessions.

Congress Alukura includes the Family Partnership Program, which provides intensive home visitations to support mothers, their babies and family until the child is two years old.

Congress Alukura employs General Practitioners, Midwives, Women’s Health Nurses, Aboriginal Health Practitioners, Nurse Home Visitors, Aboriginal Liaison Officers, Aboriginal Community Workers, Educators, Traditional Grandmothers and administrative support staff.

Alukura Services

  • Well women's checks - including Pap Smear, Education and other general health tests
  • STI checks - testing for HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Contraception and fertility advice
  • Antenatal care - caring for mother and baby during pregnancy
  • Postnatal care - caring for mother and baby up to six weeks after baby is born
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Weekly O&G specialist clinic
  • Young Women's Community Health Education Program
  • Antenatal education - information for pregnant women
  • Australian Nurse Family Partnership Program - home visiting program for women during pregnancy and motherhood up until baby turns two
  • Dietitian

Alukura Grandmothers & Aunties  Program

The Alukura Grandmothers and Aunties Program provides a space for women of all ages to come together and share their stories and experiences on:

  • Birthing
  • Pregnancy
  • Parenting
  • Breastfeeding
  • Nutrition
  • Women's Health
  • Relationships
  • And much more

The Alukura Grandmothers and Aunties are women who are experienced mothers, well respected, and are also strong leaders in the community.

The Alukura Grandmothers and Aunties are there to share their knowledge and skills with those who are interested. If you are interested in coming along to take part in the Alukura Grandmothers and Aunties Program, please give us a call or come in and talk to an Alukura staff member.

If you decide to get involved, you will have the opportunity to take part in the following activities:

  • Cultural learning focusing on women's health and birthing practices
  • Cooking and other lifeskills activities
  • Basket making, dot painting and storytelling
  • Supporting women in the community and raising awareness on women's health issues
  • Sharing knowledge about birthing and breastfeeding, post-natal care and bringing baby home
  • Learning about women's health and birthing practices.

Alukura Aunties and Alukura Grandmothers are working together to provide Cultural Activities and Healthy Lifestyle Workshops for Alukura Mothers. Women who take part will come and sit down with our Alukura Aunties and Grandmothers.

The Family Partnership Program

The Family Partnership Program (FPP) here at Congress is part of a national program called the Australian Nurse Family Partnership Program. 

Currently the program is also operating in Cairns, QLD and Wellington, NSW.

The Australian Nurse Family Partnership Program is an evidenced based program providing ongoing education and support to women and their families, from pregnancy until the child is two years old.

The program has been adapted to meet the Australian context, from the US base model, Nurse Family Partnership (NFP). The NFP has been operating in the US for over 30 years. The NFP is also operating in the UK and Netherlands.
The Family Partnership Program is a strength based program. Its underpinning theories are Ecology Theory, Self-efficacy theory and attachment theory. Staff are trained in these theories and utilise this knowledge to work with women around five client centred principles. Those being:

• The client is the expert of her own life;
• Follow the client's motivations and heart's desires;
• Focus on strengths;
• Focus on solutions; and
• Only a small change is necessary.

The Family Partnership Program at Congress has been operating since 2009 and continues to grow and have significant positive effects on the women and families we serve.

Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 08.30–12.30, 1.30–5.00pm
Wednesday 09.30–12.30, 1.30–5.00pm

Your Rights as a Client

The Family Partnership Program is a voluntary program. Women choose if they would like to join the program.
Women have the right to a high quality service provided by highly trained staff.
Women have the right to make a complaint if they are not happy with the service they are receiving, and will be supported to do this.

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​Contact Alukura

Location: Percy Court, Alice Springs (Head south on the Stuart Highway towards the Airport)

Telephone: (08) 8953 2727

Contact the Family Partnership Program

Location: 16 Hartley Street (Jock Nelson Building), Alice Springs

Telephone: (08) 8958 4850