Congress’ research service endeavours to meet the strategic imperatives of; accountability for outcomes, quality improvement of services and programs and listening to the people it serves.

Congress partners with research institutions to conduct research in core business areas of:

  1. Medical Care: This research relates to the diagnosis and treatment for management and prevention of Aboriginal illness and disease;
  2. Social and Preventative Care Programs: This research examines links between family and social environments for prevention of illness and disease; and
  3. Actions on Social Determinants: This research examines the impact of housing, education, employment and access to justice and empowerment on Aboriginal health.

Congress research partnerships:

  • Conduct collaborative world class research that translates to development of a comprehensive evidence base to guide effective practice and policy;
  • Develop sustainable research capacity in health and medical research especially within the Aboriginal community controlled primary health care sector;
  • Promote best practice approaches to clinical service delivery and public health;
  • Promote engagement of Aboriginal people in research, health and healthcare; and
  • Adhere to standards of the Central Australian Human Research Ethics Committee.

To view a copy of Congress’ Research Register including current, past and approved research projects click here.

To prepare and submit an application for research with Congress, download and complete a Congress Research Application here.

All Congress Board approved research projects must submit a six-monthly progress report and a final report, please download the form here.

Submissions and enquiries should be sent to four (4) weeks prior to the Research Subcommittee Meeting. 

2017 Research Subcommittee Meeting Dates: 

Monday 30 January
Monday 13 March
Monday 29 May
Monday 24 July
Monday 18 September
Monday 13 November

For more information, contact the Research Coordinator on (08) 8958 4898 or via email at